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Official documents

The chapter presents documents on the appointment of posts, service sheets, speeches given by the Ogińskis in the Sejm on various occasions, court case proceedings; documents prepared in the course of state service: extracts from the Books of Acts of the Lithuanian Tribunal, a fragment of the minutes of the Treasury Commission of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania etc.  Some documents in this chapter concern political events: the Manifest of the Grand Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Michał Kazimierz Ogiński (1771) proclaims the joining of his army to the Bar Confederation.  Here the visitors can also view printed descriptions of the inauguration of various Ogińskis into state service.  The reader will find here official seals of Hetman Ogiński, the Grand Marshal Ignacy Ogiński, Trakai Voivode and the Treasurer of Lithuania, Józef Ogiński.  This chapter also shows the oldest document presented on the website – the letter of the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Sigismund August, whereby Kaunas Elder Maciej Ogiński (d. 1564) was obligated to solve disagreements amidst the king’s courtiers.  The chronological range of the documents is 1558–1905.