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Other property

The chapter showcases documents on the property owned by the Ogiński family.  It presents documents related to financial agreements, business contracts, real estate.  The website visitors will be able to view a list of silver articles and other valuables given by Marcjan Michał Ogiński to his son, art pieces that belonged to the collection of the Ogiński family (paintings, sculptures etc.), graphic pieces, musical instruments, furniture, and china. Those interested in the economic history of Lithuania will find here sources on the breeding of the Samogitian horse breed, the afficionados of the history of fashion will find information on the accomplishment of tailors at the Rietavas and Plungė estates at the turn of the 19th century.  Those interested in archaeology and the vanished Ogiński estates, or in the history of ceramics, will be able to learn more about the glazed stove tiles ornamented with the Ogiński coat of arms, which were found at the site of the former Kruonis estate.  The chronological range of the objects encompasses the late 16th century – the early 20th century.