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This chapter has objects that could be divided into several groups.  One of them has portraits of Ogiński family members belonging to various generations.  Michał Kleofas Ogiński is represented in most depth, at different periods of his life.  Among the displayed documents are his portraits, photographs, lithographs, miniatures and busts.  The portrait of Ogiński painted by Józef Oleskiewicz, a student of Jan Rustem in Vilnius University, and unveiled in 2011 is of particular interest.  Another group consists of images (portraits, photographs) of Ogiński friends and acquaintances, servants and assistants, as well as pictures of orphanages supported by the Ogińskis. The third group contains images of estates and towns administered by the Ogińskis, the objects financed by the Ogińskis or related to their activities in various ways.  It consists of drawings and watercolors by acclaimed Lithuanian artists, photographs, lithographs and vignette cards.  The website shows a photograph of Liepų (Linden) Boulevard, one the first in Lithuania.  It was a representational street in Plungė designed on commission of Prince Michał Ogiński  in the 19th century with a view to connecting the estate manor with the town.  The chronological range of the documents is 1640–1940.