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Diaries, memoirs

This chapter presents Ogiński‘s „Memoires“ published in German, a unique copy of the four-volume „Memoires“ with manuscript supplements written in French, a fragment of his notes about a travel to St. Petersburg, three volumes of a diary by Olga Kalinowska-Ogińska, and the memoirs of Balys Zubavičius about the life in the Rietavas and Plungė estates.  In the latter memoirs, the author describes the baptism by holy oil held by Bishop Motiejus Valančius on June 9, 1853 in the Rietavas church, a sacrament that completed the ceremony of christening of Bogdan Ogiński, the son of the princely couple Olga and Ireneusz Ogiński, born on January 29, 1848 and baptized by water on February 29 of the same year. The chronological range of the documents is 1802–1938.